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August 1st, 2016 by J

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Hot and sultry Alexis Dziena admitted that she wasn’t too keen with her showbiz career so she ended up trying her luck with different industries and see where she will find the perfect fit. With looks and a voluptuous body like hers, it’s easy to suggest where she might have ended up after all the trying and testing. You could be right with what you’re thinking or maybe you’re wrong, but let’s see what this leaked video of hers will show and discover the real calling Dziena has been telling her fans about. You’d be a bit disappointed to know that she’s really not that good of an actress, in her own words, but you’ll probably enjoy this new career of hers because it’s all about getting fun and pleasure. Yes, she landed a new passion for the adult industry and it’s no surprising how much she excels in it. With just a glimpse of those fine juicy tits, it would cause that crotch to hurt and so you needed to do something about that hard shaft between your legs, otherwise you will end up in the emergency room. But Dziena is really good at this and would see you through all the way. She prefers massive dicks to suck and lick because she believes this will give her more cum. And this dude didn’t disappoint as they are fucking hard on cam and fisting rough, Dziena gets a load of spunk all over her face and huge breasts.

Alexis Dziena topless at a beach

April 2nd, 2016 by J

Debuting an acting career as a sexually active teenager could say so much about how someone live their real lives. For Alexis Dziena it means flaunting her breasts while enjoying the sun at some beach. She’s aware about this horny voyeur filming her and her tits but she obviously doesn’t give a shit.

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Alexis Dziena Naked

August 16th, 2010 by LimaBean

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Entourage’s cutie Alexis Dziena never fails to surprise us when it comes to her hidden sleaze and amidst all of those hot naked pictures of her coming out in the open, we just couldn’t believe that there are still more of ‘em hot goodies and we are more than happy to share it to the entire world! This time we have uncovered these glamorous nude photos of this young and nubile New Yorker and like always, she shows off her great body while doing some of the most provocative and sexiest poses enough to get you all hard in between your legs!

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Watch Alexis display her hot ass in a skimpy bikini before the camera and with this new set of images we have in our collection, you will definitely fall in love with Alexis even more! So don’t just stand there and head on over to Alexis Dziena Nude right now and check out our goodies waiting for you there! Alexis appeared as a character called Lolita in Broken Flowers, which includes a scene in which she appears fully nude. This hottie also played the role of Heather, a sexually frustrated young woman in a loving relationship, who takes part in a couple swap as part of therapy in the film Sex and Breakfast.

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To see for yourself how hot and sexy this young actress really is, just check out Alexis Dziena naked photos.

I Miss Alexis Dziena’s Nude Roles

April 20th, 2010 by LimaBean

Here are some photos of young hottie Alexis Dziena taken at the premiere of her latest film, Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.  Now that was a pretty decent indie film, grossing somewhere along the lines of $33 million, with a budget of $10 million, and I like it primarily because Alexis is in it!  But in the story, you have the lead character (Michael Cera of Arrested Development fame) leaving Alexis while she’s in the middle of a really sexy dance as she tries to seduce him.  And then he goes and makes a call to the Nora of the film’s title.  Now that I can’t believe!  Alexis Dziena is leagues ahead of whoever that girl was in terms of hotness, both onscreen and off.

I guess Nick hasn’t seen any of Alexis Dziena’s nude roles yet, like her cock-hardening turn in Broken Flowers.  I mean in that role she comes into the scene completely naked, with her firm tits and sweet pussy completely bared for the cameras, with maybe a little bush to hide her twat!  Now I’d drop any girl for a run at that, no matter how big an asshole that girl is, like her role in Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist.  Ahh, when is Alexis going to do another sexy role like that?  Maybe I ought to check out Alexis Dziena Nude because there are some naked pics of her there, but I really want to see more of this babe (literally) in the future!

More hot naked pictures of Alexis Dziena

June 21st, 2009 by LimaBean

You may have seen Alexis Dziena flaunt her hot naked body in Broken Flowers playing the role of Lolita or sporting a sexy, skimpy bikini in such films as Fool’s Gold and Invasion, but if you think this Hollywood hottie likes to get her freak on in the bigscreen, think again! We happened to be snooping around for some of these elusive naked pictures of Alexis and you’ll be surprised to know that we have found a goldmine! Yup, the most intimate and revealing private photos of her caught in crisp and vivid detail as this babe shows off more of her hot tits and pussy with the most seductive poses that will keep you stiff underneath from start to finish… and we got each and every one of ’em in our collection!

And I know for sure that you horndogs out there couldn’t wait to see ’em smoking nude photos of Alexis Dziena so we won’t keep you waiting and all you have to do is visit Alexis Dziena Nude today and feast your hungry eyes with out entire collection to keep you and your buddy downstairs happy and satisfied. Enjoy!

Alexis Dziena Nude In “Broken Flowers”

October 31st, 2008 by LimaBean

Broken Flowers” is a Bill Murray movie directed by known auteur Jim Jarmusch.  So you could say this is a Jim Jarmusch film starring Bill Murray.  But for us, this is an Alexis Dziena flick with other people in it who may or may have some bearing on the fact that she goes completely nude in one hot scene.  I think our description is more accurate, don’t you?

Alexis plays the daughter of Sharon Stone, who is one of Bill Murray’s past lovers whom he visits in search of a son that might exist or not.  Her character’s name is Lolita and it’s an absolutely appropriate one because she flirts incessantly with the white-haired Murray.  I guess she must have picked up her libido from Sharon Stone’s “Basic Instinct” character.  That leads up to a scene where she walks into the room completely naked while talking on the phone.  Here’s a series of caps showing that sequence, and as I’m sure you’ve surmised by now, it’s the scene we can all watch over and over!

Forget about the rest of the movie and just enjoy the sight of Alexis Dziena’s naked body, there on the site that link goes to.

Alexis Dziena Sizzles On “Fool’s Gold”

October 31st, 2008 by LimaBean

I wanted to watch this movie because of Kate Hudson, but when I discovered Alexis Dziena in it, all thoughts of Kate just left my head, and I was absolutely mesmerized by this lithe hottie in her skimpy bikinis.  Just take a look at Alexis Dziena as Gemma Honeycutt, daughter of millionaire Nigel Honeycutt (Donald Sutherland) whom Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson convince to go on a treasure hunt with them.  The film was almost universally panned by critics, though Alexis escaped any of the ire they may have had for the story, pacing and McConaughey’s perennial half-nakedness.

If Alexis were the one spending most of the movie in a half-naked state, I’m sure the critics would have seen the light, and the box office would have had a field day!  I mean just look at these sizzling hot pics of Alexis in her bikini.  You can also check out Alexi Dziena nude if you want to, by clicking on that link back there!

Alexis Dziena Looking Sexy In “Invasion”

October 31st, 2008 by LimaBean

Invasion” is one of those sci-fi TV series’ with a cult following now, since it was cancelled prematurely by the network airing it, ABC.  The show was doing fine at the start, taking 17 million viewers away from “Lost” during its debut episode.  Though it slowly lost some of that initial audience throughout half of its run, the show’s fans speculate that it could have done better if ABC didn’t put it on hiatus twice, ironically so that the could improve its ratings.  So this series roughly based on “Invasion of The Body Snatchers” only lasted one season, though it did have its impact on popular culture, not the least of which is Alexis Dziena!  Checking out these screencaps will show that Alexis is one nubile hottie who’s got what it takes to keep the guys glued to the set.  Too bad they didn’t think of that audience and wait ’til Alexis could pull them all in.  Well, we still have those 21 episodes of the show to enjoy, and if Alexis is looking as hot as she does in these screencaps, with her skimpy shorts and tight top, then I’m getting the DVD set!

If you don’t want to do that, check out all the good Alexis Dziena stuff on this site instead!